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Leader in the fight against poverty of elderly

The National Pensioners’ Convention of Croatia (NPCC) is the largest pensioner organization in the Republic ofCroatia, which includes 278.000 members. In total 359 organizations and over 811 pensioner branches and clubs from all municipalities, cities and counties operate within it. The NPCC has been established as a voluntary, independent, interest­-orientated, social, humanitarian and non-profit pensioner association.

The National Pensioners’ Convention of Croatia has been around since 1946 and is among the oldest civil societyorganizations in Croatia. It proposes solutions to parliament, the government, ministries, governmental and nongovernmental institutions, political parties as well as pension, health and other institutions to improve the material, health and overall social status of pensioners and elderly people.

The National Pensioners’ Convention of Croatia undertakes very specific action to help the elderly. Thus the associationand its members, organize the purchase of winter foodstuffs, meat, fruits and vegetables, as well as heating fuel at preferential prices with payment by installments, while its volunteers visit the sick and infirm, and socialize in clubs,branches and associations. It provides facilities which include cultural and artistic activities, sports, entertainment and recreation, and preventive health activities.

The NPCC concludes contracts with commercial and insurance companies, health, transport, tourism, hotel andcatering, cultural, sporting and other organizations and institutions, in order to achieve a reduction in rates for retirees onthe basis of a single membership card. This is the most concrete and the latest move, which NPCC assists its membersin an organized way.

These types of contracts have been concluded with business partners, not only in Croatia but also in Slovenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The NPCC is developing international cooperation especially with pensioner organizations from neighboring and other European countries, and subsequently expanding friendship and solidarity.  The NPCC is a member of EURAG – The European Federation of Older People with operations in 32 countries. EURAG is a collective member of AGE -European Platform, a network which brings together about 150 organizations for elderly people.

The National Pensioners’ Convention of Croatia (NPCC) has proposed that the Republic of Croatia adopted the “Declaration on the Basic and Inalienable Rights of Pensioners and Elderly People” and wants this adopted by theCroatian parliament with the political parties try to reach consensus on this document.


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